Filmography > Leading Roles

Title Character Year
Finding Amanda TBA 2007
Star Trek: Elite Force II Various 2003
Star Trek: Starfleet Command III Additional voices 2002
Star Trek: Bridge Commander Captain Korbus 2002
Expedition Dr. A Saxon 2002
Star Trek: Armada II Additional voices 2001
Enterprise: Broken Bow Admiral Maxwell Forrest 2001
Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue Neptune's daughter 2000
I Married A Monster Sheriff Collins 1998
Star Trek The Experience: The Klingon Encounter Korath 1998
Two Voices Dr. Gibbot 1997
Disruptor President Krieger 1996
If These Walls Could Talk Painter 1996
The Net Trooper 1995
Days Of Our Lives David Caldwell 1994
Clear And Present Danger Blackhawk pilot 1994
Mission Of The Shark Robinson 1991
Family Of Spies Szady 1990
High Desert Kill Paul 1989
The Philadelphia Experiment Cowboy 1984
Triumphs Of A Man Called Horse Captain Cummings 1982
The Winds Of The Kitty Hawk Reporter 1978
My Dear Uncle Sherlock ? 1977
Cinderella 2000 Tom 1977
Roger & Harry: The Mitera Target Heller 1977
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