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Q: With all the demands both in your acting and music career, how do you relax; by playing your music?
VA: Pretty much, I'll pick up an instrument, the harmonica or the Uke, (since that's all I play at the moment), and just start to try and play it better, and I do the hackysack ( a hackysack is a small ball that you kick). I get out and kick that ball, I try to increase the number of kicks I can do without dropping it; so far I am up to 710! Which isn't bad, and that's pretty much it really. And I drink!
Q: What is your favourite drink?
VA: It is a fifteen Glenfiddich single malt whiskey; I try and restrict my consumption of that, but I am not very successful in that restriction!
Q: Who is your favourite actor and why?
VA: It would be Marlon Brando, because he took the act of acting from being something very external to being something very internal, so there is a truth that didn't really exist, with the exception maybe of Spencer Tracey, and he was trained, also trained on the stage, so in the beginning of his career he was a little stagey as well, but Marlon Brando made the animal in even the most sophisticated people come alive, and I think he must be my favourite.
Q: Would you like to go forward or backward in time, and where would you go and why?
VA: No, unless I guess you could take me to the Western days, and I'll have a good time; you know I love riding a horse and I used to like shooting too; don't like it too much anymore, but I do have weapons, maybe in time.
Q: Would you like to undertake doing some directing or producing?
VA: Maybe, I've done a lot of that in the past, and it's been fun, but it's always a 24 hour job, and I'd really just don't feel the desire to do a 24 hour job anymore. I like the other portion of my life. I like dealing with my family, I like building on my house, that's another hobby. I also built some of the furniture around my house; I've got a lot more to do in the near future; I don't see myself producing or directing anything.

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"A hachysack is a small ball that you kick...

"I try to restrict my consump-tion of that...

"I don't see myself producing or directing anything...

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