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Q: Is it possible to purchase a poster of the 'Enterprise Blues Band' latest CD cover?
VA: Did someone really ask you that question? wow!
(DF) Yes, somebody did!
VA: You know, I had always intended to make a poster but I haven't got around to it yet, and when that occurs we will put it on the website and you'll know when that happens.
Q: Do you know how many instruments do you and the rest of the 'Enterprise Blues Band' play in total?
VA: Well, I play the Ukulele and the harmonica, Steve plays the electric and bass guitars, and the mandolin, Ron B Moore plays the electric and bass guitars, Casey plays the acoustic guitar, Bill is drums, Richard is the gut-bucket bass; is that everybody? That's everybody, so I guess about ten or eleven maybe!
Q: What is your favourite food?
VA: Wow! my favourite food?, one that I can put in my mouth, I don't know if I have a favourite food, eh, food is not the most important event of my day, I tend to use it more as fuel; I guess breakfast is my favourite food.
Q: What is your earliest childhood memories?
VA: Oh, well now, I believe it is hunting rattlesnake for dinner with my father; and I remember him, I think it was about, I am not sure if this is the earliest,but it is one of the more vivid. I remember him, we lived in a tent in the dessert and I remember him taking me out hunting rattlesnakes, and he'd poked in this hole and this huge (it seemed huge to me at the time anyway!), and this huge rattlesnake came out of the hole,and he then taught me where to hit it so that it didn't break the poison sac, so that we could eat it for dinner and not get poisoned, that's kind of my earliest memory.
Q: What is your favourite music?
VA: The 'Enterprise Blues Band'! I don't know, I love Credence Clearwater Revival, The Beatles of course, The Rolling Stones; I used to really get into Bette Midler. I guess I love Country Rock; wow it's pretty eclectic, Blues in general is good, the Blind Boys of Alabama are a hoot, Cake is superb; I don't know if I have one group. I have a pretty eclectic playlist in my head that I love, so I don't think I have a single favourite.
Q: What are you working on at the moment, in both your acting and music career?
VA: Well, you know we have just finished this thing in Laguna, so I was working on that for a long time, trying to get the songs well enough in my mind so that I could keep everybody sort of together as we got to the event; but I have got a couple of songs that I am trying to write, one is entitled 'My Baby's All In', and if you know 'Texas Holdem'; my wife likes to play 'Texas Holdem', and it inspired me to come up with the song, 'My Baby's All In', so I'm working on that one; I have got two plays that I am working on right now, one will open in March 2007; we've just finished a short run of that, I won an award for that, for the best actor in a comedy artistic director's award in the Theatre League / Valley's League award, (I think it's called) what's funny is that I didn't know it was a comedy until somebody laughed. I thought it was this poignant piece about marriage, but we are going to do that again at the same theatre for another six week run, then there is another play that I am going to be doing at the same theatre with a friend of mine, Oscar nominee Tom Cook; he wrote the film 'China Syndrome' and he wrote this play entitled 'Ravens Ridge', and it's about some down home union organisers, who go to Russia to find this American whose wanted in America for crimes that his committed, so he owns this plant in 'Ravens Ridge' that we work for. It's based on a true story, these two people did go looking for him in Russia, and eh it's states the two basic sides of economics in our society, those who want to take money from those who make it for them without returning it in kind without giving them their dues, and those who just want to make a better life for their families, and that's what the play's about; so I'm working on these and I've just been asked about a ten week period of time for a Hallmark movie entitled 'A Final Approach', and I'm sure that's a military thing, but I'm not sure that I'll be doing that, but they seem very interested they said; there's several roles that they are thinking of having me do, so...

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"Did someone really ask that question?

"Food is not the most important event of my day...

"I didn't know it was a comedy until somebody laughed...

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