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Q: I am going to turn first to your music career which is going from strength to strength; the 'Enterprise Blues' Band has been getting very good receptions at the various venues where you have played. I know that you have your own CD out, and the 'Enterprise Blues' Band is also releasing a further CD shortly; have you any plans of your own to release a further solo CD?
VA: Nothings impossible. The second CD is finished now and we are mostly just waiting for delivery. Producing it was something of a chore. The band members live in different cities. One in New York; and all of them are busy professionals. It did turn out well, though I don't think I'll be doing another one for a while, but I never say never! I've always thought a ukulele jamboree of sort would be fun. I'd like to lay different tracks with different ukes the banjo uke, the baritone, tenor, etc. It would be a challenge and a lot of fun, but for now I have to concentrate on getting my acting career back on track. I sort of let it take a back seat to life in the last few years, now I have to pay more attention.
Q: Have you any further conventions dates that you and / or the 'Enterprise Blues' Band will be appearing at?
VA: Well, as you know the Galileo7 convention in Germany was cancelled. That was the one we were looking forward to the most. It would have happened in a couple of weeks. We are negotiatiating with several conventions. I understand that we are booked in *Oklahoma, and at Lightspeed in December in Laguna, CA. We've also been talking to promoters in Australia and a couple of other places, Indianapolis for one. We hope that with the release of the new CD, promoters worldwide will realise we are the most unique act on the market. After all, the band is comprised of great actors from 'Star Trek', we could be the entire entertainment curriculum for some conventions; cross your fingers!

*Date to be advised
Q: Do you play any other instruments apart from the Ukulele and the harmonica?
VA: No, but I'm thinking of taking up the banjo.
Q: Since we last talked, you have appeared in a play called 'Joanna's Husband/David's Wife at the Freemont Theatre in Pasadena; can you expand a bit more about your role as David, and are there any plans to perform the play elsewhere? Do you have any more plays in the pipeline?
VA: Well, I just finished that play, and have no others on the line. It was a wonderful piece about a couple's 25 year marriage. The actress in the play ( a two person show), was a dear friend of mine. Her name is Lissa Layng. The play was an adaptation of the best selling authors book of the same name. That author is Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey. She worked on the show with us; it was quite an experience for all, and very well received by the critics. We were compared to the likes of Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, George Burns and Gracie Allen, etc, etc. I can honestly say I've never had a better time in a play.
Q: Do you prefer acting roles on television, Stage or Film?
VA: I think that film would be my favourite, though that's what I've done least of. There is a higher visibility. There is more often a chance to travel first class. There is a sense of art that requires the project be done and done and done until it's right. Next would come television. The concentration is the same. You cannot let your focus wander in the slightest. The performance must be absolutely true. Then comes stage, I think, but truth be told, I love them all!
Q: Has there been any benefits or learning experiences that you have gained from being in 'Star Trek'?
VA: Yes....I've learned to love the fans and to play the Ukulele.
Q: What would you like people to remember you by?
VA: My heart, my work ethic, my talent, and my children.
Q: Have you been given any strange or unusual presents from your fans?
VA: I've been given many; all are dear to my heart. There are a few that I truly value....a Klingon ring, a Klingon knife, a stained glass window and a few that I believe are heartfelt thanks for what they have enjoyed on the screen.
Q: Is there a future for 'Star Trek' in the 'media world'; do you believe that there will be a 'Star Trek' series in the foreseeable future?
VA: I truly have no idea.

I will be meeting up with Vaughn Armstrong in December for another interview, and will also be attending the Lightspeed's Fine Art Seventh Annual Charity Benefit weekend; so I hope that I will meet up with many of you there . (DF)

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"The 2nd CD is finished now...

"I'm thinking of taking up the banjo...

"You cannot let your focus wander...

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